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Recognized by the New Jersey Department of Education, our team is authorized to offer our specialized services across Public Schools, Charter Schools, APPSDs, Non-Public Schools, and even directly In-Home, ensuring comprehensive support for educational institutions and local governments.

Our Approved Services

Independent Child Study Team Services

For school leaders seeking specialized support: Our team delivers tailored per diem or hourly services, consultations, and evaluations. Leverage the knowledge of our dedicated professionals, from Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants and School Psychologists to Occupational Therapists and Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Speech Language Pathology

For administrators prioritizing effective student communication: Dive into our program, aimed at enriching both verbal and non-verbal interactions. Our Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in addressing articulation, oral motor, and social engagement challenges. Your district can benefit from our detailed evaluations, insightful consultations, and flexible service offerings.

Occupational Therapy

Administrators aiming for student excellence in daily tasks: Our therapy concentrates on nurturing fine and visual motor skills, perception, self-maintenance, and sensory processing. Our adept Occupational Therapists guide children to harness their physical strengths and sensory understanding, propelling them to peak functionality. Engage with our detailed evaluations, insightful consultations, and flexible service models.

Counseling Services

School leaders committed to nurturing student potential: Our NAB counseling ensemble, featuring certified School Social Workers and School Psychologists, is dedicated to bolstering your educational environment. Whether supplementing your existing counseling crew or engaging directly with students, we offer tailored consultations and per diem services to meet your institution’s precise needs.

Applied Behavior Analysis Approach

For administrators seeking specialized behavior solutions: We harness the power of ABA to craft individualized strategies resonating with each student and family’s dynamics. Let our certified experts equip your teaching and school staff with the nuanced skill set of ABA therapy techniques.

Customized Service Plans

For educational leaders prioritizing detailed assessments: Dive into our offerings at New Age Behavioral Consultants. We pride ourselves on thorough Child Study Team evaluations, streamlined eligibility determination, accurate classification, and personalized service plans, catering to students across public and private schooling environments.

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