Rapin’ About Legal Matters

Yo yo yo, let’s talk about legal matters, ain’t no time to chatter,

What if the government breaks the social contract, we’ll have to react,

An independent contractor in the mix, gotta find some tricks,

Forms of statement of financial position, gotta make some wise decisions, no room for indecision,

A legal research librarian knows where to find, ain’t wasting no time,

Got a simple will form for California, no need for hysteria,

Watch out for that bad music contract example, don’t wanna be a sample,

Legal change on the horizon, gotta keep our eyes on,

Mississippi eviction laws without lease, gotta know the keys,

How to search for court cases by name, gotta play the game,

Agenda law, gotta follow the draw,

That’s a wrap, hope you enjoyed the ride, now go out there and face legal matters with pride!